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The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular reality shows on television, and the weight loss transformations are what has viewers turning season after season.

The Biggest Loser's secret weight loss drink revealed
 With so many people trying to lose weight, it’s no surprise that viewers of the show might wonder “How exactly do they lose weight so fast!”. It’s obvious to see that exercise plays a huge part of losing weight on the show. But with exercise there is only so many calories you can burn in a single day or week. So there also has to be another source of weight loss. Again diet plays an important role in weight loss, and the Biggest Loser contestants have great nutritional advice as well. But there is something the producers have been keeping under wraps in a serious way.

A former finalist of the show who requests to stay anonymous said that the contestants were drinking a proprietary detox drink recipe at nearly every meal. The contestant was quoted as saying “They had us drinking the stuff constantly…..we’d get pretty sick of it since it’s practically all we’d drink….But I swear by that stuff I wouldn’t have come even close without drinking it” the contestant went on to describe how taking a break from the drink almost got them kicked off the show. “One week early on in the show I decided to take a break from the drink because I was just plain tired of it you know? My trainer was pretty upset about it and the producers told me that I really should be drinking it….I didn’t follow the instructions and when I weighed in that week I had my lowest weigh in yet. I wasn’t working out any less hard and nothing changed in my diet other than this drink….I was a believer after that.

I sucked it up and no matter how tired of it I was I kept drinking it all the way until the finale”. Now viewers of the show most certainly would want to know what this drink is and why it hasn’t been shared on the show yet. Well sources say that producers have been very protective of the recipe. Even trainer Jillian Michaels was banned from ever sharing this recipe after she left the show. Producers were so afraid that another weight loss show would utilize the drink that it became one of the Biggest Losers Biggest Secrets. It wasn’t until recently when our unnamed contestant shared the secret recipe with us. “I thought it was important people know one of the biggest secrets to my weight loss…I hope I don’t get in trouble with the shows producers but this is the drink recipe”

“You brew one cup of green tea, the better quality of green tea the better. Make sure you brew the green tea as strong as you can. The drinks we used to make started off with the darkest tea drink you can get. Then you add in 1 tablespoon of cranberry juice, the sugar free kind. Mix the juice in and it will get sort of a dark brown color to it. Then add one tea spoon of powdered cinnamon, and mix it into the drink. Add a small pinch of cayenne pepper, I would try to put as much as tolerable. Then squeeze a half of a fresh lemon into the drink. They always stressed that we use fresh lemons rather than pre-juiced. We would either drink this hot or refrigerate the drink and have it cold”

The secret Biggest Loser Finalist suggests that the viewers have the drink three times per day with each meal if possible or start slower and slowly incorporate it into more meals as you get used to it.


The Biggest Loser's secret weight loss drink revealed

By  Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski
BONUS: Egg White & Lemon Mask

Contrary to popular belief, whiteheads and blackheads are a form of acne. Making things very simple, acne may be divided into two categories: pimples & cysts and whiteheads & blackheads. Blackheads and whiteheads, known as comedones, aren’t of course as blatant symptoms of acne as pimples or cysts but certainly need to be addressed. They also can be more numerous on the face and shoulders.
Acne is not only the most prevailing skin problem, but it also affects people of all ages, both genders and all ethnicities. Over 85% of teens and young adults, and 35% to 40% of adults suffer from this condition. Actually, during the last ten years, the average age of an acne sufferer increased from 20.5 to 26.5 years old.
Acne results from inflammation caused by too much skin oil (sebum) clogging the skin pores. More specifically, the sebaceous glands and dead skin cells known as corneocytes build up in the pores, and because the sebaceous material contains a lot of P. acnes bacteria, the surrounding skin now gets infected creating a red bump known as a typical pimple. The medical term for this red bump is an inflammatory papule.
Blackheads, also known as open comedones, are hair follicles that have a wider than normal opening. They are filled with plugs of sebum and dead skin cells and have undergone a chemical reaction resulting in the oxidation of melanin. This gives the substance in the follicle the typical black color.
Whiteheads, known as closed comedones, are follicles that are filled with the sebum but have only a microscopic opening to the skin surface. Since the air cannot reach the follicle, the material is not oxidized, and remains white.
How to Make Your Whiteheads and Blackheads Disappear

How to Care for Blackheads and Whiteheads

The keys to caring for acne are persistence and patience. There is no overnight cure for acne, including blackheads and whiteheads. Using a treatment that will  prevent acne from forming is the only real way to get rid of these types of skin problems. This process can only happen from the inside out, with possible help from some topical cleaning agents that can help control bacteria and remove excess dead skin cells that in consequence, if used regularly, may help improve follicle health. Beware of cleaning products that claim that they treat acne; they may ONLY help to diminish the symptoms. Some of these cleaning products can be used in conjunction with, but not instead of, a  treatment that actually removes the causes of acne.

Treating and preventing acne is the only real way of treating acne long term since it is focused on helping the body to regulate secretion of the sebaceous glands to produce less sebum. To further improve the results, such a  treatment should be accompanied by  good skincare practices that limit the inflammation resulting from mixing sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria.
Acne is not caused by eating certain foods or by “dirty” skin, so even though proper skin hygiene and living a healthy lifestyle may be helpful, they don’t treat acne. To the contrary, excessive scrubbing does not help, and can even make the skin more irritated and inflamed by creating abrasions that further invite bacteria or just simply provoke the skin to protect itself by producing more skin oil.
Skincare Regimen for Blackheads and Whiteheads

The best cleaning routine for comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) includes twice-a-day cleansing with a mild, non comedogenic cleanser, regular use of chamomile astringent, occasional use of witch hazel to dab on the effected areas and  application of skin masks to aid in the removal of excess sebum and dead skin cells that contribute to the buildup of oil in the follicles.

Frequently used methods of blackhead removal include squeezing with fingers and the use of a metal extractor or suction. While these methods may be successful at removing the blockages, they also may cause scarring and permanent damage of capillary blood vessels (small blood vessels that “ feed” the skin with blood, nutrients and oxygen), and skin tissue damage that, over time, can deplete the skin of natural oils and speed up the skin aging process. Additionally, many facial cleansers and scrubs (especially those that include fatty or oily substances or utilize beads, crystals, parts of grated nuts or other cleansing and/or exfoliating agents) may actually cause more damage by depositing clogging agents onto the skin as well as making the skin more susceptible to bacterial infection through unwanted abrasion.

Egg White & Lemon Mask
Lemon juice is a powerful ingredient in eliminating oil and bacteria, clearing away blackheads, tightening pores and even lightening sun and hyperpigmentation spots. Egg whites brighten and tighten the skin making it feel lifted, so your pores will be smaller after this mask. Egg whites also aid in clearing up old breakouts. This mask should be applied after you’ve cleaned your face, and should not be used if you’ve already applied a mask the same day.
1 egg white (separate the yolk and the white completely)
1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (organic if possible)

Use a small bowl, and thick cosmetic brush made of natural hair (no plastic brushes please!). For better application, choose a flat and broad bristle. Wash the brush before use. Clean after using with hot water only (no soap).
Using an eggbeater or fork, mix the egg white and lemon juice well into a smooth consistency in the bowl.

Apply on a clean face with a brush, covering your entire face; avoid contact with eyes and eyelids. If the mask gets into your eye, rinse well with warm water immediately.
You may apply two layers of the mix if you have enough of it.
Relax for 20-25 minutes.

You will know that the mask is ready to remove when you feel it is stiff and dry on your face. Peel the mask from your face with your fingers.
Finish with a chamomile astringent.

How to Make Your Whiteheads and Blackheads Disappear

This diet is very simple, but can be hard for some. Every morning drink a mix of lemon juice and water on an empty stomach.
This diet is not only for weight loss, but for detoxification as well. These are the steps to follow, and in 14 days your body will be detoxified and you will definitely lose weight.
Lose 22 Pounds In 2 Weeks With This Lemon Diet

*One lemon juice = one squeezed lemon
Day 1:
1 lemon juice mixed with 1 cup of fresh water
Day 2:
2 lemon juices with 2 cups of fresh water
Day 3:
3 lemon juices with 3 cups of fresh water
Day 4:
4 lemon juices with 4 cups of fresh water
Day 5:
5 lemon juices with 5 cups of fresh water

Day 6:
6 lemon juices with 6 cups of fresh water
Day 7:
3 lemon juices mixed with 10 cups of fresh water (add 1 tbsp of honey and drink through the day)
You can really consider mixing up exercising for a healthier you, and that also speeds up the weight loss. If you are short on time, you can try this fast calorie burner, if not, you can combine these workouts that burn more calories than running!
Day 8:
6 lemon juices with 6 cups of fresh water
Day 9:
5 lemon juices with 5 cups of fresh water
Day 10:
4 lemon juices with 4 cups of fresh water
Day 11:
3 lemon juices with 3 cups of fresh water
Day 12:
2 lemon juices with 2 cups of fresh water
Day 13:
1 lemon juice with 1 cup of fresh water
Day 14:
3 lemon juices mixed with 10 cups of fresh water (add 1 tbsp of honey and drink through the day)
Make sure to consume the drink at least one hour before eating a meal.


Lose 22 Pounds In 2 Weeks With This Lemon Diet


Have you ever had a sore in your mouth that hurt pretty bad?  Did it take forever to go away?  You probably had a canker sore.
So just what is a canker sore?  Canker sores (aphthous ulcers or aphthous stomatitis) are small ulcers or lesions located in the mouth usually at the base of the gums in soft tissue. Canker sores can also be located on the inner lining of the cheeks, the tongue, and the inside of your lips.
Canker sores are not contagious and usually go away on their own within 1-2 weeks.
Canker sores can be painful however, and you can quickly get rid of them if you follow the tip I am about to give you…but first lets talk about the symtoms of canker sores.



Common symptoms of canker sores are:
  • A tingling or burning sensation appears usually on the inside of the mouth 24 hours before it appears.
  • A white, gray or yellow crater appears inside the mouth with a red border surrounding it.
  • The sores become quite painful and it can be hard to drink or eat with the pain.

You may also experience the following: (these symptoms are much less common)
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Feeling run down, or sluggish
Contact your doctor or dentist if canker sores last more than 3 weeks, if you have a fever or if they start to spread throughout your mouth.


Many confuse canker sores with fever blisters or cold sores. They are not the same.
Fever blisters or cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).  They are contagious and usually appear on the outside of the mouth or lip area.
Canker sores are not caused by a virus and are not contagious.  It can be difficult to get rid of a canker sore, however I have a sure proof solution to help you get rid of a canker sores pain within minutes.


It can be hard to heal a canker sore because it is inside your mouth.  It is very moist and that can make it very difficult to heal a wound.
To speed up the healing time, I have found it to be beneficial to remove the moisture from the ulcer.  This can be hard to do because the mouth is aways a moist area.
Alum Powder is used for making pickles and pulls the water out of the cucumber.  It does the same for a canker sore too.   By adding alum powder to canker sores, you remove the moisture from the ulcer.  When you remove the moisture, the ulcer has a chance to heal.
Alum Powder


So to naturally get rid of canker sores, you can use Alum Powder, a common spice found in most kitchens.  Here is how!
Follow these steps to naturally get rid of canker sores:
  • Place a small amount of alum (about a size of a pea) directly onto the canker sore.
  • Allow it to sit on the canker sore for 60 seconds.  It does not taste good, it is quite bitter. Do not swallow the alum!
  • After 60 seconds spit out your saliva and the alum.  DO NOT RINSE YOUR MOUTH WITH WATER! Within several minutes to 24 hours the pain will disappear.
The ulcer may stay for a day or two after you treat the canker sore, but the pain will be gone.  If the pain is not gone after 24 hours, reapply the alum with a second application and repeat the steps above.
That’s it!  So easy and effective. Next time you have a canker sore be sure to try this method out! Credit:


The struggle to lose weight is a difficult task, and people constantly seek a way to find the best way or advice for quick weight loss. Here is the one you need! This diet is easy to follow and you can lose 12 pounds in a week!
The Egg Diet
Eggs are full with protein and nutrients, which makes them extremely healthy, and they provide your body with the majority of vitamins and nutrients. Consuming eggs and reducing unhealthy foods for a week, you will speed up your metabolism and start losing weight. Don’t get discouraged when you look at the diet and you don’t see much food, but eggs provide satiety.
The Plan:
If you are looking to speed up the weight loss even more, you can try some of these healthy weight loss drinks while you are dieting. Adding a simple workout will maximize the results.
Day 1:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 2 oranges, 1 cup of low-fat milk
Lunch: 6 ounces of boiled skinless chicken, 1 cup of yogurt
Dinner: 1 boiled egg, 5 ounces of boiled skinless chicken and one orange
Day 2:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with juice squeezed from one lemon
Lunch: 5 ounces of roasted fish, 1 grapefruit
Dinner: 3 hard boiled eggs
Day 3:
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 cup of warm water with 1 squeezed lemon
Lunch: 6 ounces of boiled beef, 1 grapefruit
Dinner: 3 hard boiled eggs.

Day 4:
Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with onion, parsley and dill
Lunch: 5 ounces of cooked chicken with salad
Dinner: 1 hard boiled egg, 2 oranges
Day 5:
Breakfast: 2 carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 tablespoon of sour cream
Lunch: 2 carrots, 1 cup of fresh orange juice
Dinner: 3 ounces of boiled fish, 1 boiled egg
Day 6:
Breakfast: 5 ounces of low-fat yogurt, 1 freshly squeezed lemon or orange
Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, 2 grapefruits
Dinner: 1 glass of water with squeezed lemon
Day 7:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, half a grapefruit
Lunch: 6 ounces of beef, 1 orange
Dinner: 1 glass of water with squeezed lemon
Lose 12 Pounds in 1 Week With This Egg Diet

The diet will provide incredible results, but you must not follow it for more than one week. You need to drink plenty of water and follow through with the steps to maximise your weight loss. After the week ends, return to your normal diet, but the first few days eat more cheese, eggs, oranges and grapefruit.

Lose 12 Pounds in 1 Week With This Egg Diet

You’ve most likely already heard about the amazing powers of Apple Cider Vinegar. From helping weight loss to preventing heartburn. From boosting energy to stabilizing blood sugar (really awesome for Type 2 diabetics!!!). From preventing tumors to lowering blood pressure. It’s kind of crazy what apple cider vinegar can do, right?!

Berry Lemon ACV Drink Recipe

And many of these health claims are even backed by scientific studies. Combine that with a lot of apple cider vinegar personal experience and I say this stuff is pretty legit. ACV is one natural remedy that I swear by!
It’s actually a running joke at my house. When someone asks me what natural remedy they should take for a particular ailment, my family and friends shout out before I can answer, “She’s going to say Apple Cider Vinegar!!!” And the funny part is they’re almost always right 😉

Headache? ACV
Stomachache? ACV
Heartburn? ACV
Acne? ACV
Sinus Troubles? ACV
Rash? ACV
Need some energy? ACV
Cramps? ACV
….I really could go on and on.

It’s pretty amazing stuff!  Just an FYI — make sure to get Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother,” which are strands of proteins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.  THIS is the kind that I use — you can usually find it at most grocery or health food stores. 

But the not-so-great news is that apple cider vinegar has a really strong taste and smell.

A few years ago, after discovering all the benefits of ACV, I tried doing shots of ACV. Yep, pure shots of ACV before some of my meals (please don’t try that!). It lasted a whole…….week. And while I felt great that whole week (seriously, I felt so amazing that week!), the taste and smell were so strong that I literally couldn’t even stand to smell ACV for a whole year afterwards without it making me want to barf. 

But I couldn’t deny how amazing I felt when I consumed  a small amount of ACV daily, so I decided that I must create an apple cider vinegar drink recipe that I would actually enjoy. And this Berry Lemon ACV Drink is just the ticket. It’s super refreshing and it’s so delicious that I actually look forward to it each day.
If you are like me and struggle with the taste of apple cider vinegar, but want to experience it’s many benefits, this drink recipe is for you!

In fact, it’s one of the best drinks you can drink for your health!

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (plus lemon!)

Here are some benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (and lemon):

Strengthens Immune System
Aids in Weight Loss
Improves Digestion and Assimilation
Helps Lower Cholesterol
Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels
Reduces Body Fat
Prevents Indigestion
Boosts Energy
Reduces Blood Pressure
Protects against Cancer
Relieves Nighttime Leg Cramps
Clears Sinuses
Helps Sore Throat
Reduces Heartburn
Improves Gut Function
Helps the Body Remove Toxins

Pretty awesome, right?!  

It’s best to drink this Berry Lemon ACV drink before your meal. That way it will aid in the digestion and assimilation process, prevent heartburn, and will help stabilize your blood sugar! I swear by this!

If you can’t stand the taste or smell of ACV, I hope my Berry Lemon ACV Drink recipe is just the ticket to get you to finally experience and enjoy the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Berry Lemon ACV Drink Recipe:


2 tablespoons fresh or frozen berries (I love using raspberries the best!)
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
optional: 1 teaspoon raw honey or sweetener of choice


Place the berries in the bottom of a cup. If you are using a sweetener, add that in now. Muddle the berries and sweetener with the back of a spoon.
Add in your ACV and lemon juice. Fill the cup with ice and add in enough water to fill the rest of the cup. Stir and enjoy!
                                                             Credit :

Berry Lemon ACV Drink Recipe